5 Common Mistakes When Buying Flooring

  • Spending too much on material and/or labor

    Often flooring sales people will give customers so much information that they stop considering less expensive options. In addition, labor can be overpriced. due to the way most residential companies are structured their

  • Not getting a FULL SIZED SAMPLE

    Best decisions are made when a customer compares a FULL SIZED SAMPLE against paint, furniture, different lighting etc.

  • Basing a decision off of price per square foot/yard

    Getting a TOTAL BID will allow the customer to have a full understanding of ALL costs involved. In addition, it makes it easy to see total dollar differences when comparing 2 different priced materials.

  • Having a biased opinion on different flooring types.

    Having an open mind about different flooring types will allow customers to make educated decisions.

  • Not researching your flooring company

    Due to poor quality of work, overcharging, and mismanaged business we regularly see flooring companies go out of business.

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